It is our philosophy that tapping the vast wind resources of the Texas-Oklahoma Panhandle should be integral towards creating a national energy strategy that diminishes the dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels. At the same time, the development of that unique wind resource of the Texas-Oklahoma Pandhandle region spurs job creation, economic vitality and new revenue streams for the heartland of America.

We are focused exclusively on this unique region, have deep roots in the area and have a strong relationship with the local community. Our development approach has always centered around the landowner’s interests and minimizes impacts on existing land use. We are advocates for securing future transmission to the area and making the Texas-Oklahoma Panhandle area the nation’s preeminent wind generating region.

The keys to make our vision come true for the benefit the region and the nation as a whole are:

  • A national energy policy that prioritizes investment and resources into renewable energy
  • Solid energy markets for selling the energy and renewable attributes
  • Public-private partnerships that engage in developing a robust energy infrastructure that will serve our current and future needs

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